The guy from San Fran re-appeared. Apparently he realized he forgot to message me back, but I’ve been on his mind ever since my last message. Good news, means I’m doing something right! ;)

As a side note       Craigslist was a bust this time around. Going to give it a bit then try again. 


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There are 2 types of people who hate successful women.


A women who will never be one. A man who can’t afford one.

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sugar goals 2014

- pay off Visa debt

- pay off student loans from my royal fuck up

- trip to UK for Summer 2015

- pay tuition out of pocket (as much as possible)

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Whoops, I’ve totally neglected this blog!

Little update; SA has been pretty dry for me. Might try tweaking my profile a little and see if that works. I was chatting with a guy who was interested in flying me to San Fran, but he suddenly poofed on me. Shame! :(

On another note, I was a little bored before work today and decided to post a Craigslist ad! I know it’s worked for a couple girls, so I figured why not give it a try? When I checked my email during my break, I had 43 new emails! Time to have a glass of wine and sort through all this…

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After spending so much time researching and reading into the sb lifestyle, I think I’m almost ready to dip my feet in. I may not be "ideal" (urgh I hate using that word) but my confidence levels are way up after leaving the boyfriend! Looking forward to getting to know all you ladies. 


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